Snack Smart

Snack Smart

This project was completed as part of my graduate coursework in the Human-Centered Design and Engineering program at University of Washington.

With childhood obesity on the rise, it’s important for kids to learn healthy eating habits early on. Unfortunately, busy parents struggle to provide healthy snacks for their kids, often choosing pre-packaged or processed foods over healthier options. As part of a User-Centered Design course at the University of Washington, my team decided to tackle this issue with the following problem statement as our guide:

How might we encourage time-limited parents to provide their school-aged children with healthier snacks?

Our goals for the project were to:

  • Identify some of the barriers to healthier food choices among school-age children, particularly during snack time.
  • Focus on the parents of elementary school children, as they are key to making healthier food available.
  • Promote good snack eating habits during the formative years of school-aged children.

Our process included:

As a designer on this project, I designed the Snack Smart branding and user interface and I worked with my team to design the interactions and overall experience of the app.

Snack Smart - Research phase

Snack Smart - Ideation

Snack Smart - Prototyping and User Testing

today-sliders-features redesign

The goal of the redesign was to increase user engagement and emphasize original editorial content. By incorporating the continuous consumption model,’s new design reduced navigational barriers and encouraged users to scroll through more content.

The changes to resulted in a large increase in overall user engagement, specifically pages per visit. Our team was also awarded with an EPPY for Best Redesign/Relaunch (with 1 million unique monthly visitors and over).